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Turkish Accession to European Union (Chronology)

- On 17 December 2004, EU decided to start accession negotiations with Turkey.

- On 3 October 2005, three chapters of the Acquis Communautaire (Right of Establishment for Companies & Freedom to provide Services, Financial Services and Financial Control) were opened.

- On 12 June 2006, chapter on Science and Research was opened and provisionally closed.

- On 11 December 2006, continued dispute over Cyprus incited EU to freeze talks on eight chapters (Right of Establishment for Companies & Freedom to provide Services, Financial Services, Free Movement of Goods, Agriculture & Rural Development, Fisheries, Transport Policy, Customs Union and External Relations) and to state that no chapters would be closed until a resolution is found.

- On 29 March 2007, chapter on Enterprise and Industrial Regulations was opened.

- On 25 June 2007, chapters on Statistics and Financial Control were opened, but the opening of the chapter on Economic and Monetary Policy was blocked by French President Nicholas Sarkozy.

- On 19 December 2007, chapters on Health & Consumer Protection and on Trans-European Transport were opened.

- On 17 June 2008, chapters on Company Law and Intellectual Property Law were opened.

- On 19 December 2008, chapters on Economic & Monetary Policy and Information Society & Media were opened.

- On 30 June 2009, chapter on Taxation was opened.

- On 8 December 2009, chapter on Environment was opened.

- On 30 June 2010, chapter on Food Safety, Veterinary & Phytosanitary Policy was opened.

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